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Strategic Planning

Identify Business Needs and Change Drivers: Internal needs assessment; Industry initiatives or mandates   Clarify Organizational Goals and Strategies: Senior Management Direction/Sponsors Review Current Processes and Technologies: Portfolio Management, Trading, Operations, Accounting; Technology assessment Identify Improvement Opportunities: Operations Streamlining and Best Practices; Optimized Technology Architecture Incorporate Organizational Capabilities: Strengths and Weaknesses; Preferences, Adaptability, Resources Create Strategic Investment Systems and Operational Recommendations Systems Architecture Design and Planning STP Re-engineering Trade Flow …Read More

Systems & Operations Reviews and Recommendations

Prior to embarking on a systems selection process, it is usually appropriate to review current practices compared to industry best practices. Depending on the needs of the client, Junction Partners can provide short two to three day executive review meetings through in depth operations studies. The goal is consensus building on priorities and determining specific steps to achieve results.   Examples of services include: Junction Partners Operation Review and Optimization …Read More