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Our Approach

The Proven Junction Partners Methodologydgm_OurApproach

Our blueprint for success is our proven methodology, the results of over 15 years of firsthand experience in the success factors involved in maximizing the capabilities of investment systems. On each project, we apply our proven six-step methodology to ensure that you capitalize on the full potential of your systems.

1. Disciplined Planning

Junction Partners customizes a strategic rollout plan for the platform that successfully meets your unique business, environmental and technical needs.

2. Precise Requirements Analysis

Junction Partners precisely details all the vital requirements of each stakeholder, including investment and trading teams, compliance, IT and operations.

3. Custom Configuration and Integration

Junction Partners customizes each investment system to meet your unique needs by leveraging our expertise in each system’s full capabilities, the requirements to smoothly integrate it into your entire trading platform and our end-to-end expertise in the client experience.

4. Effective Testing

Junction Partners comprehensively tests each system, ensuring that all components work in sync for you. All test plans are auditable on an ongoing basis.

5. Business Continuity

Junction Partners migrates systems in a controlled manner that eliminates any business interruptions.

6. Ongoing Partnership

Post-launch, Junction Partners provides necessary expert support and partners in your ongoing success.