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Strategic Planning

  • Identify Business Needs and Change Drivers: Internal needs assessment; Industry initiatives or mandates


  • Clarify Organizational Goals and Strategies: Senior Management Direction/Sponsors
  • Review Current Processes and Technologies: Portfolio Management, Trading, Operations, Accounting; Technology assessment
  • Identify Improvement Opportunities: Operations Streamlining and Best Practices; Optimized Technology Architecture
  • Incorporate Organizational Capabilities: Strengths and Weaknesses; Preferences, Adaptability, Resources
  • Create Strategic Investment Systems and Operational Recommendations
  • Systems Architecture Design and Planning
  • STP Re-engineering
  • Trade Flow Optimization


Due to our in-depth experience dealing with investment systems, Junction Partners has developed a top-down and bottom-up approach to create a strategic investment systems plan. This process produces documents which provide our clients with the necessary information to make strategic planning decisions and to formulate planning budgets.

Junction Partners delivers a comprehensive information plan that serves as a roadmap for achieving your strategic technology objectives. This plan identifies the required software application system(s) needs and technology architecture needs to support the future business and growth objectives.

Our Review Process

  1. Conduct interviews with key business and technology managers
  2. Review current technology architecture components, systems and standards
  3. Assess overall firm technology strengths, resources, capabilities and accomplishments
  4. Incorporate operations review and optimization recommendations into the overall future state technology planning process.
  5. Provide Client with a “right-sized” future state architecture plan optimized to maximize the technology capabilities while minimizing the technology risk and incorporating the resources and acceptable capital budgeting levels.


The operations process review and strategic systems plan are presented with the goal of providing answers to key questions facing our clients such as:

  • Which optimized business procedures in the overall investment management process will require new or improved application support platforms?
  • What is the sequence for systems replacement and workflow optimization?
  • Do international requirements require parallel application suites?
  • What is the ideal integrated architecture design to meet business objectives?
  • What level of integrated data management strategy that must be deployed to meet the data management and reporting requirements in the future-state organization?
  • Is staffing adequate to complete the projects throughout the plan?
  • Are there benefits in focusing on a short list of vendors and recommended best practices?


The Strategic Plan includes recommended short, middle and long-term projects with defined priority, estimated up-front and on-going costs, staffing resource requirements, and the high-level timelines to complete the combined projects. Junction Partners will also include the recommended future-state technology architecture with suggested phasing and timelines. Detailed Project Overviews include descriptions and business case, benefits, risk factors and dependencies.

Junction Partners believes in tying a technical architecture directly to the overall business strategy of our clients. This enables a firm to “right-size” their systems architecture to their specific needs and determine which systems to leave alone, augment or replace.

Comprehensive Assessments

One of Junction Partner’s strongest tools is the Strategic Investment Systems Plan. This extensive study involves a review of your firm’s business and technology initiatives and plans, as well a complete assessment of industry developments impacting technology requirements over the next several years specific to the Third Party business and technology. Your firm’s technology architecture is reviewed, alternatives are evaluated and current plans for future-state application architecture are validated by Junction Partners against your desired model.

The study explores alternative system application platforms serving the firm, including its subsidiaries and investment management clients. The resulting Strategic Investment Systems Plan will provide recommendations on application architecture and changes to the existing technology architecture to accomplish longer term objectives. Of course, projects are prioritized therein and our recommended projects will include high-level descriptions, planning time-lines, inter and co-dependencies of project components, benefits and estimated costs for management review.

Junction Partners Operations Reviews have helped our clients re-engineer their trade processes and investment operations with the goal of streamlining, simplifying, and further automating operations. Junction Partners Strategic System Architecture planning enables our clients to build a scalable, reliable systems infrastructure capable of efficiently accommodating increased trade volumes and an expanded number of accounts.